Keka in Hells Kitchen

Keka (like Becca, but with a K) is a professional chef and lifelong athlete who believes in a holistic approach to fitness. As a child she took ballet classes; in high school she earned a spot on the boy’s wrestling team. She has coached kids and adults through high-ropes courses, taught infants to swim and was a certified lifeguard for the Special Olympics. Keka has always been enamored with movement.

When faced with an autoimmune disease and the prospect of life-long prescription painkillers, Keka turned instead to food and exercise as a way to take control of her health. After a lot of early trial and error (including a stint as a bacon-yearning vegan), she successfully identified the foods that allow her to live an active, painkiller-free life.

After college, Keka relied on ballet, boxing and kettlebells as a way to stay fit. When a CrossFit affiliate moved into her gym, she decided to give it a try, and quickly fell in love with the community. Her no-nonsense approach to health and fitness, keen eye for efficient movement and knack for strategy make her a valuable coach.

Keka has earned her Level 1, Level 2 and CrossFit Kids Certificates. She iwas responsible for the CrossFit Kids program at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave and CrossFit Union Square in New York City. 

She was also the Head Writer in the North East for the Reebok CrossFit Games,  a contributing writer for CrossFit Games, CrossFit Community, BarBend, Greatist, and Tailwind.